Which team member trained with the Bolshoi Ballet and Cirque du Soleil?

Which team member trained with the Bolshoi Ballet and Cirque du Soleil?

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Dear Satori clients:

I’m pleased to announce Satori’s latest RMT addition: Janice So!

Here’s an except from her bio:

Janice is an experienced massage practitioner, having practiced 3 years in multidisciplinary clinics, including clinical application in hospitals in Toronto (post-operation thoracic surgeries, stroke recovery, breast massage – post mastectomy/implant surgeries, and special-needs ambulatory patients). With a previous athletic background as a competitive rhythmic gymnast (Canadian provincial and national team; trained in Russia; also cross-trained with the Bolshoi ballet company and Cirque du Soleil), 8 years practice as a counselling therapist, and currently with a regular practice in Ashtanga yoga and meditation, Janice has a mindful and unique understanding of the body along with functional anatomy. Her personal experiences with athletic injuries and rehab recovery give her intrinsic insight into what it takes to listen to patients, alleviate pain amd create structural integrity, as well as strengthen the mind-body connection.

To take care of your health related needs, Janice is available four days a week:
·Mondays: 3:00-9:00PM
·Tuesdays: 3:00-9:00PM
·Wednesdays: 3:00-9:00PM
·Saturdays: 10-6:00PM

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