Welcome back Thai Massage to Satori!

Welcome back Thai Massage to Satori!

22:55 09 November in News

Mandy Mintz is now offering Thai Massage at Satori. We had Thai massage a few years ago, and we are bringing it back!

Mandy is a certified and licensed Thai Massage Practitioner as well as a Pilates instructor. Mandy is well known in the dancing scene since she was a professional dancer. She currently treats some dancers from the National Ballet of Canada.

Here’s an excerpt from her bio:

While Mandy was a professional dancer she became aware of the many benefits of Pilates. She now understands the need for dancers and other athletes to obtain a healthier approach to strengthening their bodies completely. Her goal is to aid in preventing injuries by gaining and then maintaining strength, and to correct hazardous habits by checking basic movement technique. Mandy’s clients have praised her exceptional sense of touch, and enjoy the safe, relaxing and healing environment that she creates. Each client is individually assessed to determine which combination of modalities, such as Pilates, Thai Massage, Meditation, Stretch or Ballet coaching would be most appropriate.

 Mandy’s passion for helping people obtain their full potential creates a motivating environment for students who work with her. Mandy’s patience and compassion encourage people, especially athletes to comfortably express themselves and ask for whatever help they may need. She uses her strong sense of intuition to serve her students in a dynamic and creative way. In addition, if she feels their needs require further attention by seeking advice from other professionals, she does not hesitate to refer them and then consult with them afterwards.

 Mandy Mintz works with clients of all kinds; from the injured office worker, to dancers of the National Ballet of Canada, to seniors who just want to manage every day tasks with better balance and strength.

Learn more about Mandy and her experience here. Learn more about Thai massage here.

Mandy is available for Thai massage on these days:

  • Mondays: 4pm-8:45pm
  • Wednesdays: 4pm-8:45pm


Note: Mandy is not a RMT. If you’d like to submit thai massage through insurance, please check your plan to see if it’s covered as it’s different than a swedish or deep tissue massage.


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