The Cupcake Test: How Osteopathy Returned My Jaw to Full Mobility

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The Cupcake Test: How Osteopathy Returned My Jaw to Full Mobility

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Below is the first-hand experience of a Satori client, CJ, who had full mobility of her jaw restored after an osteopathic manual treatment.
The Pain:

While getting an x-ray at the dentist, part of my jaw popped. Almost immediately I was no longer able to fully open my mouth. Whereas before I could easily pop a mini cupcake in my mouth (or 3 fingers), the jaw could only now fit two fingers – and a bump appeared on my right cheek next to the ear, which was painful to the touch.
Pain also pulsed in the upper part of my jaw and cheek whenever I opened up my mouth wide. There was also noticeable pressure placed at the bottom of the ear.

Usually I’m the type of person to ignore minor pain or inconveniences until I really need to see someone (hello, emergency) but once my jaw became exhausted after talking for mere minutes, I had to see someone.  As a receptionist and someone who talks all day, it finally was impossible to ignore.
The Treatment:
As a returning client, I booked a 25-minute osteopathy session with Robin Guillen.
For the first 5 minutes, he assessed the mobility and structure of my jaw. He asked me to open wide and close tight a few times while looking at it from different angles, as well as using light pressure to manually identify what was going on.
Then he went to work.
Robin started with direct pressure to massage and stretch the muscles around the jaw, inside of the mouth, and at the upper neck to improve the joint range of motion.
Next, he worked on the area near the bump on my upper right cheek. Using his hands, he was able to stretch and apply a few quick but short thrusts to put the joint back where it came from. While the pressure was firm, it was smooth and wasn’t painful.
Finally, he walked me through an ongoing treatment plan. I was lucky that it just required a massage near the upper right joint, which is something I had already tried – although he showed me how to do it right this time.
The Result:

Almost immediately I was able to open my jaw up again. The mouth was a little sore, but nothing more than the burn you feel after a great workout.
After a couple of nights of self-massaging the jaw, the bump went away.
I’m now able to eat everything that I was able to before – and speak for hours on end – without any pain or tiredness.

  If you or someone you care about is experiencing jaw pain, I encourage you to see an osteopathic manual practitioner like Robin. While your case may be harder or easier than mine, the relief you get from restoring mobility is so worth it.


November 2018


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