Stop getting on the annual diet train!

Stop getting on the annual diet train!

17:04 23 January in News


By now everyone has been inundated by the advertising campaigns promising a fitter you:


“A slimmer you in only  weeks!”


“Lose forty pounds in a few weeks and keep it off for years!”


“Get fit and trim in time for Bikini Season!”


Every year we swamped with these alluring promises of how you can give yourself the body you always wanted.

Each year over 90% of individuals trying to lose weight following any of these plans never achieve their goal. Typically, dieters often revert to their original weight having spent significant sums money on exercise equipment, special foods, and supplements.

While you may have made the great New Year’s resolution to shed some pounds and eat better, there’s a good chance that your will power is weakening already.

The ONLY way any of these weight loss plans will be effective AND stay effective is by breaking the old habits and replacing them with new positive habits.

And that’s where hypnosis comes in: Together we create new positive habits with you. All your habits – good or bad – are maintained in your subconscious.

The process begins by first minimizing the value of those old bad eating habits, and you appreciating that they don’t benefit you. Next, we build the value of YOU. By creating a real understanding of the value of a happy healthy body within yourself, you have the reason, the value, and the empowerment to achieve your goals.

I have found that it usually takes only two or three sessions to generate these positive transformations within you. With these powerful building blocks in place you can begin your journey with a much greater assurance of success.

Maximize your own empowerment. Call 416.972.9355 and ask to speak to Raymond Elias, Certified Hypnotherapist.


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