Stay healthy all winter long

Stay healthy all winter long

11:34 05 November in News

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How can you make sure to keep the cold and flu season at bay? Typically, having a cold or the flu means the following:

  • Days off work
  • Persistent coughs
  • Sniffles
  • General a sense of feeling unwell


On top of that, when you are sick, it also exerts a toll on children whose immune systems are still developing.

In addition to feeling run down by infections, many individuals also begin to suffer from the following:

  • Mild bouts of low mood
  • Unmotivatied
  • Sleepiness
  • Unrefreshed sleep
  • Irritability
  • Starchy foods cravings
  • Weight gain


The pressures of holidays add the final compounding factor – making us exhausted by the time we make our New Year’s resolutions.

Reflect back on the previous few winters and ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you honestly say that you have enjoyed the season to its fullest?
  • How many times were you sick last winter?
  • How many days did you wake up wishing that you could stay in bed?
  • How many days did you suffer from low energy and a lack of desire for activities that normally bring you pleasure?
  • How much weight did you gain last holiday season?
  • How many sleepless nights did you suffer due to stress or having to tend to a sick child?

Instead of waiting until the January 1st, 2014 to make a resolution, make the most of what remains of 2013 by setting the goal of having you and your family to have the healthiest and happiest winter ever!

Naturopathic medicine offers an abundance of tools to help you improve your health over this long, dark, cold season.

Dr. Suzanna offers natural immune boosting shots to help prevent infections and improve energy. Getting expert guidance from Dr. Suzanna will enable you to be armed and ready to fight any cold and flu symptoms at their initial onset. Natural herbal remedies can be prescribed to help elevate your mood, reduce your susceptibility to stress, and help you combat the winter blues. A tailored naturopathic diet and detox plan can help to curb cravings over the holidays and prevent any undesirable weight gain.

If you want to make this your best winter ever, then don’t wait until January to make those resolutions. Begin today by scheduling a winter wellness appointment at Satori.

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