What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are primary health-care providers who specialize in functionality and mobility of the body. Physiotherapy diagnoses and treats limitations of movement that might be caused by injury or chronic illness. It is a regulated health service that is often included in extended health-care insurance.


What types of issues can physiotherapy address?

Many clients see a physiotherapist for the following reasons, although this list is not exhaustive.


  • musculoskeletal conditions (general body aches)
  • sports injuries
  • orthopedic conditions
  • rehabilitation after broken bones or replacement surgery
  • chronic pain


Please call us here at Satori to inquire about specific issues.


What does a physiotherapy treatment plan typically involve?

Satori offers physiotherapy as one-on-one appointments in private rooms, for customized, focused sessions that address specific concerns. This may involve manual therapy (massage, mobilisation and manipulation), taping, and exercise rehabilitation. Our therapists may also use other therapeutic modalities, depending on the goals of treatment, or cross-refer to other therapists at the clinic according to their diagnosis. Home exercise programs are often used in combination with manual manipulation at the clinic, as exercise and education plays a vital role in empowering patients to self-manage problems and improve quickly.

Our Physiotherapist

_Matthew Chin-Yee, PT