ISOPHIT Strength Training System

What are isometric exercises?


Isometric exercises are movements where you hold a position while contracting your muscles. If you’ve ever done a plank or wall sit, or held a squat and lunge, you’ve done an isometric exercise.


Recently, isometric exercises have made a “comeback” as concerns have increased about the risk of injuries and joint health with overdoing weightlifting and cardiovascular training. The uptick in interest is also due to the many studies published by academic and medical journals endorsing isometric exercise as a fast, safe, and effective way to protect your health and boost performance.


What are the benefits of isometric exercises?


There are many reasons to justify why isometric exercise is a powerful training method. Three of the biggest are:


  • Improve strength and range of motion.


A common way to improve push-up performance is to hold the plank position, an isometric exercise. Why? Because the plank activates and engages many of the same muscles used in the push-up.


In fact, you can effectively target muscles at different angles of motion during isometric holds. That’s a lot of opportunity for strength building and multiple research studies have shown that isometric exercise not only increases strength at multiple angles of motion (not just the particular position trained in) but they can also result in a 20.5-32.1% increase in strength just training for 7 minutes a day.


  • Burn fat and lose weight.


Like any high intensity workout, isometric exercise has been shown to be an effective exercise regimen to support weight loss. One study saw that some subjects lost up to 3.3cm of body fat after just four weeks.


With shorter training sessions, isometric exercise can be an excellent if not better choice for people short on time. It’s also great to train at high intensity with low impact as isometric holds can help you achieve similar results without putting as much stress or pressure on joints, muscles, and tendons that you might feel through running, plyometrics, HIIT intervals, and other dynamic exercise.


  • Decrease pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.


Isometric exercises can help to immediately relieve acute pain and stiffness for at least 45min post-intervention and several early studies have started to examine long-term pain relief effects.


More research needs to be done to fully understand the impact of isometric exercise on pain relief but it can be an excellent addition to a routine of dynamic rehabilitation.




Other benefits include improving endurance, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of injury.


What is the ISOPHIT Strength Training System?


The ISOPHIT Strength Training System is an innovative piece of equipment and meticulously developed exercise system that quickly and effectively allows you to harness the above benefits proven by research.


It can target up to 650 muscles with full range of motion, allowing you to use, strengthen, and stabilize muscles you didn’t even know you had. Anything you can do in a gym, you can do on the ISOPHIT.


The multi-patented Force Matching TechnologyTM also sets ISOPHIT apart from dynamic workouts in that you can push yourself safely. During the exercises, you actually generate more force than you would without it while still maintaining the hold or contraction; however, it reduces any risky movement, lowering the chance of injury. You also don’t need to spend as much time to get the same results.


This is important because most people have a muscle imbalance or joint instability that, if left uncorrected, can lead to joint dysfunction, increased muscle or joint pain, stalled athletic performance, or even serious injury. The controlled nature of isometric exercises and with the 1-on-1 support of the ISOPHIT trainer, you can fix these imbalances and improve your health.


The ISOPHIT Strength Training System is suitable for seniors and anyone looking to build strength, burn fat, relieve muscle and joint pain, improve range of motion, lower blood pressure, or just enhance your overall health.


ISOPHIT was invented and patented by Striation 6 Co-Founder Brad Thorpe. ISOPHIT Wordmarks and Trademarks are owned by Isologex Corp and used by permission.


How do I book an ISOPHIT session?


To prepare for your ISOPHIT treatment, bring comfortable clothing that you would wear if going to a yoga or exercise class. You may also want to bring a water bottle.


To book your first session or if you have any other questions, please call the clinic at (416) 972-9355.

All images: Rick O’Brien