“Organizing your home starts with organizing what’s inside of you.”

“Organizing your home starts with organizing what’s inside of you.”

23:24 24 November in News

Guest Bloggers: Tonia Cordi & Meaghan Barry

Being organized starts within. I know that my beliefs and actions are the largest factors of how my home and schedule look. Through my own journey of getting organized, and working with clients for several years, I’ve witnessed patterns that hold us back from living the life we want.

I’d like to touch on some avoiding behaviours that I feel trap people internally and create life clutter externally. Making change isn’t always easy but it is very rewarding and liberating, and allows us to be more intentional and mindful.

Behaviours to be aware of:

  • Relationship to Belongings: In one of our previous blogs (What’s holding you back from letting go?) we talk about three common attachment styles we’ve noticed over our years of experience. People tend to keep items because of feelings of guilt, “what if” questions, and if they spent a lot of money on the item. When we don’t address why we are keeping something, we are avoiding dealing with a larger problem that shows up in other areas of our life. For example, if you have many high quality items that you never use, next time try waiting a few weeks to see if you really need the item before you buy it.
  • Time Trappers: We’ve all found ourselves mindlessly online, on social media, or watching TV, and next thing you know an hour has gone by. These activities have a time and a place but when you’re not intentional about them they serve as distractions from your goals. Sometimes a goal seems very far away, but it’s the small steps that we take that bring us there. Next time you check your phone or open Netflix try asking yourself: “why am I here, and how long do I want to be doing this?”
  • Living up To Social Standards: We are bombarded by images daily of how we “should” look, feel, act and be. The value of our authenticity has been lost through consumerism and trickles down into our families and the expectations they directly or indirectly put on us. When was the last time you asked yourself, what do I want? What’s important to me?  How would I live my life if there were no barriers? Change is often a slow process, but it starts with connecting with yourself and setting clear intentions.


Making Change

  • Not always a comfortable process: When you’ve decided enough is enough and the lifestyle you are living is not fitting your true self, change is inevitable. With change comes the hard process of address habits, behaviours, and thinking patterns that may feel embarrassing, shameful, or vulnerable. Being vulnerable makes us human — it allows us to connect with others instead of trying to do everything on our own. Once we’ve let go of old these old thinking patterns we can move forward and create new stories that truly embody who we are and what we feel called to do.
  • Empowering: Taking charge of our behaviours and letting go of previous barriers is freeing and liberating. It empowers us because we are capable of making change and no longer feeling victim to our circumstances.
  • Getting Support: We live in a very individualistic culture where is it common practice and belief that doing everything on our own is a sign of strength. This mindset is isolating and we’ve experienced that the process of getting organized is more successful when our clients receive support outside of our services from family, friends, coaches, mentors, holistic practitioners, or other professionals. Although the nature of our process is very therapeutic, we are not therapists.


Living More Intentionally

It’s all too easy in our culture to get lost in our hectic day to day lives. Having a career, social life, and family obligations often fill our schedules and leaves little room for connecting with ourselves. Personally, slowing down to question my actions, beliefs and what I really want with my life has helped me shift gears to become more intentional with organizing my time and spaces. In doing so, I have created a life that is organized and ready for the unexpected.




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