No sugar challenge, Day 4 of 5: Emergency — sugar low!

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No sugar challenge, Day 4 of 5: Emergency — sugar low!

21:41 22 October in Uncategorised

ALERT — Low blood sugar, low blood sugar, low blood sugar — ALERT

My brain was telling me that last night.  After a long meeting, I had forgotten to eat dinner.  My mind was on a mission to seek the nearest food source. Because I was on the no sugar challenge, my mind focused on other types of foods. I quickly consumed an apple, cheese, guacamole and crackers, and chili — not the most ideal combination.  I don’t want to tell you the quantities I ate. 

When I met with my fellow challengers at the support call today, I revealed my hypoglycemic incident.    By voicing my incident brought a reminder — planning ahead to avoid low sugar levels.  I suspect that I should be extra vigilant about low sugar since I was already on a no-sugar diet.   


Anyway, onto my next recipe that I tried. Overnight keto chia pudding

Quite tasty.  Since I didn’t have milk, I used water and added a few splashes of cream.

After trying it, it did need some sweetness.  So I added some Truvia – a combination of sugar and stevia.  A small amount went a long way.

I even added a drop of lemon oil form DoTerra.  That made it bright tasting. 

I recommend this dessert or even as a breakfast item.  Glad that Dr. Lisa Weeks recommended this recipe. 

I can’t believe it’s been four days since my wife and I started this challenge.  We have done well so far except for last night.  But hey, this is a part of life and I  live, learn and work to experience everything. 



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