No Sugar Challenge Day 3 of 5: Suffering from Withdrawal?

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No Sugar Challenge Day 3 of 5: Suffering from Withdrawal?

15:24 21 October in Uncategorised

Dr. Lisa Weeks, ND, mentions today about withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Low mood and energy
  • Brain fog
  • A low-grade headache
  • Feeling listless, restless and unmotivated


I’m glad she mentioned these symptoms otherwise I would have been thinking that the no-sugar challenge wasn’t working.

Last night we tried the chocolate pudding recipe she suggested:

With no bananas at home, I asked a neighbour for a banana.

Next, I had no avocado.  So that involved a run to the grocery store.

When you put the three easy ingredients together:  banana, avocado and cocoa together, something tasty come about. Try it! Worth the effort.

Today, I’m going to try the pudding she suggested.  Yikes, it’s overnight preparation! I promised my wife that I would give her a dessert tonight.  Time to get cracking!


No sugar onwards,





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