No Sugar Challenge Day 1 of 5

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No Sugar Challenge Day 1 of 5

16:18 19 October in Uncategorised

“Five days!” my wife remarked when I reminded her that the no sugar challenge started today.

Her shocked face was priceless this morning. She said, “I thought it was two days.”


Today, we start the sugar challenge put on by naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lisa Weeks.

To sign up, the link is here. 

It’s not just about sugar, it’s about having a conscious awareness of what you are fueling your body with.  I remember when I was on a vegan challenge plus no oil, I really had to think about what I was eating. No more mindless eating!

This morning, I started off with coffee and no dairy. Dr. Weeks mentioned that full fat dairy is preferred over light or non-fat dairy. I posed the question to Dr. Lisa Weeks and I’ll get a response. I suspect it’s because the full fat version will give a more full feeling. I’ll let you know when I get a response to her. Actually Dr Weeks’ response is below:

“Full fat dairy has less sugar and carbohydrates than low-fat dairy. It makes you feel full (so you eat less overall), compared to if you just consumed low-fat. When you consume more sugar and carbs, and not enough healthy fat or protein, your risk of diabetes and obesity increases.

Healthy fat in food slows the release of glucose into your bloodstream, leading to sustained energy and less sugar cravings.”

Temptations will abound.  What will you choose?  My friend, Donna, stopped by with pastries from Phipps Bakery (wonderful place) and started handing out pastries to everyone.  I’m glad that this blog helped me to stay me honest.  Dr. Weeks in her day 1 module will talk about triggers.

What sugar challenges have come up for you during the day? What can we do to support you?

To your health,


A small picture showing how Clara, the osteo, and my friend Donna are grabbing the pastries and enjoying them right in front of me!


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