New Service at Satori: Reflexology

New Service at Satori: Reflexology

23:52 12 November in News

We are pleased to announce that reflexology will now be offered at Satori Health & Wellness. Our Registered Massage Therapist, Marianne Premuzic, has earned her certification in reflexology. Because she is an RMT, her services are covered by most insurance companies.

In case you are wondering…reflexology isn’t just about the feet…

Reflexology is a therapeutic form of massage therapy which promotes stress relief, relaxation, and reduced muscular tension by focusing on the feet, lower legs, arms and hands.

How do you know if reflexology for you?

  • If you hold tension in your forearms, hands, calves, or feet – reflexology is for you
  • If your ultimate form of relaxation involves having your feet and/or hands massaged, reflexology is for you.

Marianne is available on Mondays, Fridays, and alternating Sundays. She offers reflexology in 60 minute and 90 minute durations.

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