My Relationship with Coffee

My Relationship with Coffee

13:40 11 April in News

Let me begin by saying that I love coffee. So for all you coffee lovers out there, don’t be put off by my ultimate rejection of coffee. In the end, my only choice was to reject it altogether or continue suffering from chronic headaches. I only ever indulged in an average of one cup per day – but even this relatively small amount had a huge affect on me and perhaps my brain chemistry.


Many scientific studies state that coffee has health benefits. But coffee is not a health food or beverage – it’s isn’t in one of four food groups and it doesn’t provide much in the way of vitamins, minerals, or much sustenance at all. It is a stimulant – a drug. Still, whether or not it is considered healthy to drink coffee is contentious in science and even when it comes to headaches, some people say it helps their headaches while others say it makes their headaches worse.


For those who say coffee helps get rid of their headaches, it may be because they are addicted to coffee and craving the fix. But even though it may make you feel better in the short run, it doesn’t help prevent headaches and might even perpetuate or exacerbate your problem in the long-run. This happened to me.


I’m not saying that coffee was the sole reason for my headaches. In fact, coffee is just one thing that triggers headaches for me. But it is a powerful thing.


I did see a headache specialist whose nurse practitioner advised me to stop drinking coffee (along with other lifestyle tips). Clearly many headache sufferers have a negative relationship with coffee.


The moral of the story is this: if you are a chronic headache sufferer it is best to avoid coffee. This change alone may not be enough to get rid of your headaches – you may need to make other changes too. But coffee can be a powerful headache trigger and it may be worth it to find out if it is a trigger for you.


Yours in health,

Marianne Premuzic, RMT

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