Improving your golf game

Improving your golf game

10:21 11 May in News

“Golf is a game that is played on a five inch course – the distance between your ears”


That often used quote, attributed to the great golfer Bobby Jones, is probably the most important observation that any golfer should learn about their game of golf.


All the lessons and all the practice in the world will never be enough to play consistently good golf.


The vast majority of professional golfers use mind training techniques to allow them to focus and get “into the zone” for every single shot they take.


Perhaps you have noticed golfers who will hit one bad shot and then follow that with a string of bad or at least mediocre shots. They have simply got out of the zone. You may have noticed this in your own game, perhaps when you had that urge to wrap your five iron around a tree. Or you may be experiencing ‘the yips’ – those seemingly uncontrollable muscle twitches which always seem to happen with that crucial putt.


To play golf consistently well, as with all sports, there is a need to be able to focus while at the same time remaining relaxed.  For some people this combination of calm and concentration is difficult to maintain especially as there is only one team member – the pressure is on you.


Now this is when sports hypnosis really shows its value. By making use of specific guided meditation techniques your golf game will rapidly improve and you will soon begin to have a more consistent game.


Sports hypnosis does not teach you to play golf. Sports hypnosis allows you to combine all those successful techniques you have acquired into a consistently better game. A more enjoyable game.


In the early part of his career Tiger Woods was hailed as the best golfer in the world, ever. He had been using mind training techniques since his teenage years. He played consistently brilliant golf with rarely a mishit. He won all the major tournaments. His ability to focus and stay in the zone was legendary.


In the past few years the number of golfers who have made use of mind training techniques has grown appreciably.  As one sports reporter  noted  “ If all the Olympic athletes invite all their mind training coaches to the opening ceremony  at  the 2012 London games there would be no room for spectators.”


In golf hypnosis training course I offer at Satori you will :


1. Experience relaxation patterns which will evolve into a natural part of your golf game


2. Develop visualization techniques to focus on the positive while minimizing the negative aspects of     your game


3. Experience and learn how quickly to get into “ The Zone”


4. Eliminate the ‘Yips”


5. Develop your own focus triggers


6.  Quickly learn to stop looking back and to always look and move forward


With each session you will receive a recording of the session which will allow you to boost the effectiveness of the process for a long time.


The actual number of sessions will vary depending upon the degree of development you wish to see in your game. In my experience most golfers take an average of three sessions to accomplish their goals.


Happy golfing,


Raymond Elias B.Sc. Cht.

RCHP Registered Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
NLP Practitioner                    

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