How to stop smoking and start living

How to stop smoking and start living

13:56 24 October in News

A client of mine mentioned that she wanted to make an appointment for her husband to see me. She was interested in seeing her husband quit smoking. However, she had a concern: her husband had a strong belief that the moment that he stopped smoking would be the moment that he would get cancer. I told her that, at this point in time, it would be a pointless for her husband to seek my help; when a subconscious belief emerges to become a strong conscious decision, it becomes difficult for the individual to want to make a more rational change in their behavior.

When you want to make improvements to your life, key to the process is how strong is your desire to change. When desire to change is strong, the work I do and the techniques I employ support your desire in making those changes.

Here are some examples of former clients who ceased smoking. Determine which client had the greater desire to quit.

  • Case #1: A man in his mid-fifties had been smoking cigarettes since age 11. While he was smoking three packs a day when we first met, he possesed the desire to stop smoking. At his second visit, he mentioned he hadn’t had a cigarette in the last two weeks with no desire to begin again. A year later, he visited me for an unrelated issue, and he mentioned he had not smoked since.
  • Case #2: A woman, 29 years old, wanted to stop smoking. She started smoking only four years earlier and smoked between five to six cigarettes a day. After four sessions with me, she finally stopped smoking.

The difference between the two cases was:

  • The degree of desire to stop smoking.
  • The understanding, at the subconscious level, the benefits of being smoke free.

If you possess the desire to stop smoking and start living, but you are unsure of about how to go about tackling the issue, then let’s work together. In confidence, speak to me about your issues, and let’s explore the opportunity to kick the habit.


Raymond Elias BSc. Cht.
Clinical hypnosis practitioner

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