How to have more sun and smiles in your life…

How to have more sun and smiles in your life…

09:38 29 October in News

What does it cost you to smile and be sunny? Apparently not very much.

This morning, I encountered Aaron at my local cafe, Brickyard Grounds. He came in with a smile and sunny disposition. The whole cafe brightened up immediately. He was hamming it up with the workers and even dancing with the cook right beside a hot grill — all the while singing every tune that came across the speakers.

I couldn’t help but smile, and I told him about his “sunniness” and that he had a positive influence on those around him. He appreciated the feedback, and he went right back to being his energetic self. With this extra boost of sunniness, I sent an email to wife telling her she was beautiful and that I wanted to spend more time with her.

Last night, I attended a Toastmasters speaking competition where a young girl was being interviewed after the competition. In her profile she mentioned that she does something that scares her at least once a day. The contest chair asked what she did yesterday to scare herself. She immediately replied that she smiled at strangers.

Let’s follow these examples and spread those smiles across the city of Toronto. As you know, smiles are free, and we have an opportunity to creating a lasting impression with another person. Isn’t that special?


Owner, Satori Health & Wellness

P.S. The above picture is of Aaron and his wife Michelle.

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