Give the gift basket of health!

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Give the gift basket of health!

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Satori Health & Wellness is pleased to announced its first ever holiday gift basket!

This year we wanted to offer you an alternative to the traditional gift basket. Instead of giving a gift basket filled with food goodies, why not give the gift basket of health?  We have two gift basket options to offer you that are filled with these items:

Satori Gift Card ($30):  Offer your loved one the gift of health by starting them on their wellness journey at Satori Health & Wellness. This gift card can be used towards any service available at Satori Health & Wellness



ThumbnailGrid Foam Roller: Use this high quality foam roller to relieve tension in tired muscles. Instructional videos on how to make the most of this roller is available online.





Greens First(Optional): Did you want to get 15+ servings of fruits & vegetables in a single day without having to eat your veggies? Mix this product with water for a minty tasty and refreshing drink each day to get your dose of daily fruits & vegetables. My wife and I have personally tried this product and enjoy it; we use it on a regular basis.





Acuball, large: Use this pain relief device to help with symptoms such as pack pain, headaches, and neck pain.Often used by athletes such as in the NHL & NBA, Matt Nichol, the former Strength and conditioning Coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club mentions: “Dr. Cohen’s Acuball is a fantastic tool for helping to elimnate trigger points and muscular adhesions. It’s a simple, effective way to improve flexibility, decrease recovery time between workouts & improve performance.” Again, free training videos available at


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Traumacare: This professional level product comes highly recommended by some of the therapists at Satori Health & Wellness. Using natural ingredients, use this product to naturally relieve:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Bruising and inflammation due to sprains and other injuries



Dresdner Essenz Breathe Easy Eucalyptus Honey Bath SaltsBath Salts (various types):  Dresdner Essenz Breathe Easy Eucalyptus Honey Bath Salts for a relaxing bath. Nourishing and a vitalizing bath essence with Eucalyptus and fennel oils as well as natural bee’s honey. The essential oils develop their full potential in the bath and provide for a pleasant and liberating effect. This bath essence promotes a general feeling of well being. Soothing and calming, just want you need when you feel a chill in the air.




These gift baskets come already gift wrapped and ready for pick up.

You have two options to pick from:

  • Stress Relief Gift Basket (does not include Greens First): Value $145 for the price of $115.
  • Enlightenment Gift Basket (Includes Greens First): Receive $205 value for the price of $175.

Limited quantities for this holiday season with only 50 of these gift baskets available this holiday seasons. Please contact reception at 416-972-9355 to reserve yours today.

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