Can you hear me? When to get a hearing test

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Can you hear me? When to get a hearing test

17:42 05 November in News

Below is an experience by a Satori client who went to get her hearing test done.
Note: Union Hearing Aid Centre recommends people test their hearing every two years. While not a substitute, their website includes an online hearing test. Check it out!


When a friend heard my family doctor had suggested I get tested for hearing loss, he quickly recommended the Union Hearing Aid Centre. Being centrally located appealed to me and the reviews left by their patients convinced me that it was the place to go.

The office itself starting from the friendly receptionists, the inviting waiting area with an interesting children’s corner and including the modern ambiance and layout of the entire office space made for a very pleasant first ever experience in having my hearing tested. Contrary to my anticipation of waiting beyond my appointment time, I was seen by an audiologist immediately after having filled the required “new patient” forms. I’m guessing that the small waiting area is likely a reliable indicator that, generally speaking, waiting time may be short.

The audiology examination was no longer than half an hour and consisted of three different tests: otoscopy, tympanometry, audiometry. The first of the three tests checked for earwax, blockages and the health of the ear canal and ear drum. The second checked for how well the ear drum responded to light pressure. It checked for the presence or lack of fluid, infection and for the possibility of an eustachian tube dysfunction. The last test was the audiometry test and the one that took the longest to complete, about 10 minutes in respect to the entire testing time. For this test I was placed in a soundproof booth. I was given earphones to wear and I was asked to press a button when I heard sounds, even the most minimal of sounds counted. None of the three tests were uncomfortable, difficult or painful. The best part is that the results of the tests were analyzed and discussed with me immediately after their completion. I was given an assessment/evaluation of my hearing capacity in writing, as well, and in my case, Kendra Steen, the audiologist, made a recommendation to see an ENT specialist for consultation over a minor problem that was detected. The fee for this service was surprisingly affordable, less than half of what one would pay to see an optometrist to have one’s eyesight tested!

When all considered…the friendliness and professionalism of the staff and specialists, the pleasant and modern office ambiance, the no waiting time to be seen, the smooth flowing and easy tests to administer and undergo, the on the spot verbal and written assessment, and the very reasonable fees are all great reasons to recommend this facility to anyone who is in need of seeing an audiologist or is curious to know where they stand in terms of their hearing acuity, as it was in my case. I would not hesitate even an instant in returning to Union Hearing Aid Centre, a facility that does so much more than just test hearing! Thumbs up from me! (Btw, no referral from a doctor is required for an audiometry test.

Note: Union Hearing Aid Centre suggests you test your hearing every two years


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