Facing your fears: You don’t have to be a stage performer to get stage fright

Facing your fears: You don’t have to be a stage performer to get stage fright

09:46 27 February in News

By Raymond Elias, Certified Hypnotherapist

A recent newspaper article mentioned that British singer, Adele, suffers from stage fright. The article also goes on to mention that her stage fright can be so severe that she will sometimes vomit before giving a performance.

You may be asking how does a successful person who has a great voice, has written and sung many popular songs, and has performed at countless live concerts still get stage fright? After all, she projects confidence, has the experience, and a great understanding and knowledge of her craft. It doesn’t make sense.

And that’s the issue: This type of fear is irrational. And this is true of all fear and phobias. They do not stand up to rational analysis.


“ You’ve got a great voice, why are you scared?”


“But mice are tiny, why are you TERRIFIED of them?”


“Millions of people fly in planes everyday! You’ve got a much bigger chance of being hit by a car. So why are you scared of flying?”

You’ve probably heard these rational comments which just seem to fall on deaf ears to those with the fear or phobia.

And that’s because the stage fright, or whatever the fear, resides not in the conscious mind but in the subconscious.

Those bad habits that prevent us from living life to the fullest need to be put in perspective. In other words: reintroducing rational thinking to make a change in your thought priorities.

By taking control of what is obviously an out-of-control situation, you can diminish the effect of the bad habit and replace it with a good habit.

In the case of stage fright, the good habits can be quite numerous:

  • The joy of singing
  • The surge of emotion one gets from the song
  • The adulation of the audience
  • The great feeling of achievement

By focusing on the good habits and benefits, which were there all along, you have an opportunity to completely overshadowed any irrational bad ones.

Whatever the fear, you can address it and deal with it.

Change your mind – Change your life.

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