COVID-19 Policy

Keeping You and Us Safe

Here is what we are doing to keep everyone safe during this pandemic:


Re-configuring the clinical space:

• Installed air filters

• Created a hand washing station in each treatment room

• Removed the receptionist

Adopting the following procedures:

• Pre-screening clients before they enter the clinic

• Checklist for cleaning each room and the clinic

• Procedures in dealing with suspected cases

• Self-assessment of each therapist

• Using approved disinfectant

• Following regulation guidelines

• Storing credit cards

Here are more details:

Installed air filters

Although the clinic is only 800 square feet, we have two air filters covering over 1,400 square feet.

We purchased two high quality air filters:

  • Rabbit Air is designed to clean over 700 square feet of air. Our version contains the germ defence filter. More information about the Rabbit Air is available here.
  • Blueair is also designed to clean 700 square feet of air. More information about Blueair is available here.


Created a hand washing station in each treatment room

Each of the three treatment rooms has a hand sink with soap, hand sanitizer and disposable towels.


Removed the receptionist at the clinic

No receptionist will be available at the clinic. Instead, we’ll have limited reception that will work remotely to answer phone calls and book appointments

We highly encourage you to book your appointments using the online booking software here.

We have designed this space to reduce the amount of contact with other individuals. Less contact, less risk.


“Storing” credit cards securely

While we will continue accept cash, credit cards and debit cards are the preferred method.  Our software provider allows us to secure your credit card information into your profile for faster and safe payment.

Still not sure about this method? We do have a wireless terminal where you can tap your credit card.

More information on how your credit card is protected is available here.


Pre-screening clients before they enter the clinic

Each client is pre-screened twice before they enter the clinic. First, before each client arrives at the clinic, everyone has to complete a health questionnaire.

Because of regulations, those same questions are asked again just before the client is allowed to enter the clinic.


Checklist for cleaning each room and the clinic

The team created a checklist that is posted on each treatment door. Each therapist is required to complete the cleaning checklist before and after each client.

Furthermore, we have opening and closing checklists posted on the front door of the clinic so you understand what we are doing to keep you safe.


Procedures in dealing with suspected cases

Based on the guidelines as set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Health, we have created a procedure in dealing with suspected cases of COVID-19

More information is available here 


Self-assessment of each therapist

Each therapist must answer the same questionnaire we give to our clients every time they show up for work. In addition they administer a temperature check. Anything above 38 degrees Celsius, the therapist is not allowed to treat clients.

Each therapist also wears a disposable mask that is changed after each client.


Using approved disinfectant

Did you know that Lysol wipes are not approved by Health Canada as a means of disinfecting the clinic?

We are using this approved product: AirX by Flexo. Learn more about it here.

More information about Health Canada and disinfectants can be found here.


Following the guidelines

We are following the guidelines as set forth by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

  • CMTO COVID-19 resource page:
  • Ministry of Health guidelines for re-opening:
  • CMTO guidelines for re-opening:

Massage therapist are also required to complete a ten module on-line course.

Note: As more services become available, this list of guidelines will be added to.



We truly believe we are keeping you safe by performing these precautions. We also would like to think that this is a partnership between the therapist and client.


You can help each other by:

• Completing the online in-take form before you arrive at the clinic

• Washing your hands before and after each treatment

• Remaining in your treatment room until the therapist escorts you out of the room and out of the clinic.


This way, we minimize any contact beyond what is necessary

Thanks for reviewing this policy and understanding what we are doing to keep you safe. We are excited to invite you back and helping you continuing your healing journey.