Can you do a full squat?

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Can you do a full squat?

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“Look at this!” my wife remarked.

She slowly did a full squat in front of me.

“Can you do that again?” I asked my wife. I was so amazed I needed to see it twice.

I have known her since 1999, and in that time, my wife hasn’t been able to do a full squat or perform a squat easily. But now she can.

This squatting performance was the day after she received a massage from one our massage therapists, Victor Alviso.

For the longest time, my wife thought it was a heel problem that stopped her from doing a full squat. Victor was able to trace it back to a shorting of her calf muscles.

Many people think that massage is only useful to relieve stress or loosen tighten muscles, but it’s power is not limited to just those things. In fact, massage therapy can be help with:

• Pain and discomfort with chronic muscle tension
• Stiff joints
• Forms of paralysis
• Sciatica
• Fractures
• Sprains
• Overworked muscles
• Athletic performance

Or…helping someone like my wife figure out that what they thought was true, might not actually be what it seems to be.

Registered massage therapists are trained in understanding how the body works, and how different muscles and tissues work together. They can help to assess problems that may have been overlooked or support those kinds of therapies by focusing on different, but connected, areas. If you’ve tried other treatments and it’s not working, massage might be the right fit.

While I was so pleased to see my wife amazed at her newfound ability, I really want you to know the benefits of massage therapy are numerous, including restoring mobility and movement that you thought was no longer accessible to you. Please speak to your massage therapist about how they can support you in achieving your health related goals, even if you think it’s too complex.

Our therapists are here to help (you can book online):

Victor Alviso, RMT is available on Wednesday afternoons and by appointment on the weekend (by calling 416-972-9355).

Sarah Breker, RMT, is available seven days a week.

Until next week,

Darrell Cheung
Owner and Life Coach, Satori Health & Wellness

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