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Women’s Sexual Health

15:09 05 June in News

For women, libido naturally fluctuate over the years and can coincide with the beginning or ending of a relationship, and with major life changes such as pregnancy, menopause or illness and can greatly affect quality of life.  When we look at the physical causes of low...

Improving your golf game

10:21 11 May in News

“Golf is a game that is played on a five inch course – the distance between your ears”   That often used quote, attributed to the great golfer Bobby Jones, is probably the most important observation that any golfer should learn about their game of golf.   All the...

Allergies and Adrenal Dysfunction

10:15 11 May in News

While the blooming trees and colorful flowers popping up this time of year are beautiful, the pollen is also out in full force and affecting millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies.   Allergies typically involve the release of histamine and other pro-inflammatory substances. Cortisol, one...