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Recently, a client came to see me for reflexology. She has high arches in both feet.  Because of the way Priscilla’s (not her real name) feet are landing as she walks, more weight was being exerted on the balls of the feet and heels; and as a result, she has developed calluses.  Priscilla also has one foot which is a half size bigger than the other, causing her to select shoes that are one size too big and thus worsening her instability.

While ill-fitting shoes could be worsening her instability, Priscilla has a few options including:

  • Selecting better fitting shoes which offer more feet and ankle support
  • Consider custom orthotics, shoe modifications and bracing to help with pain and instability.

But as a reflexologist, what can I do to help Priscilla?  The answer is two-fold. Listed below are some direct benefits and some indirect benefits of reflexology.


Direct Benefits of Reflexology

When Priscilla comes for a reflexology treatment, she can expect the following:

  • Overall reduced tension in her feet
  • Increase in the mobility of the joints
  • Reduced foot pain

Reflexology is an ideal adjunct for treatments like custom orthotics (which, incidentally, is offered by Satori Health & Wellness chiropractor, Dr. Berenstein). A reflexology treatment allows the therapist to focus an entire 60 minutes on YOUR feet. For those of us with similar symptoms like Priscilla’s conditions, this hour long treatment dedicated to your feet has a greater impact on the feet than a shorter treatment. Did you know that during a regular full body massage, usually less than five minutes is dedicated to the treatment of the feet?


Indirect Benefits of Reflexology

Priscilla really enjoyed her reflexology treatment. She had booked a 45 minute appointment and wished she had booked 60 minutes. The enjoyment she felt was likely due to a greater sense of relaxation, a decrease in stress hormones and a release of endorphins in the brain. Many of my reflexology clients report that they find reflexology to be more relaxing than massage. In this state of rest and relaxation, the entire body, and not just the feet, is stimulated to heal itself.


I suspect most of us don’t think about our feet on a regular basis until a pain comes up. I hope this case study offers you more insight about the benefits of reflexology. Because I have two designations: Registered Massage Therapist and reflexologist, your treatment will be covered by insurance. Always please check with your insurance provider.

I offer reflexology for the following times.

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 75 minutes
  • 90 minutes

With most insurance benefits expiring at the end of the year, this may be an opportunity to get some reflexology while you can. If you have a question or concern about reflexology, please email the clinic at, and I will answer your questions!


In health,

Marianne Premuzic, RMT, Reflexologist

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