“Be selective in your abuses”

“Be selective in your abuses”

14:37 29 January in News

The above title is a phrase a Boston work colleague said to me at the Boston Athletic Club’s bar. While I didn’t fully appreciate what he was saying at that time, that quote stuck with me ever since.

About ten years ago, at the company I was working for, I joined the VP of IT for a workout. After the workout, I would occasionally have a drink with him at the bar. From what I knew about him, he always into healthy eating and living. So I asked him one night about why he was drinking two vodka cranberries on the Friday night when he was into healthy living.

He basically said to me, “Darrell, I am selective in my abuses. Drinking my vodka cranberries is one of those abuses.”

I recently applied this philosophy one Saturday morning at St. Lawrence Market. A vendor was selling delicious looking homemade cinnamon buns. My wife and I purchased one and devoured it!

A few days later at the clinic, another opportunity to munch on another cinnamon bun appeared. I immediately turned down this opportunity. Why? Because this cinnamon bun looked less appealing. While my stomach wanted another cinnamon bun, the voice in my head was saying that I probably wouldn’t get full satisfaction from eating a factory made cinnamon bun. The desire for this cinnamon bun immediately went away.

Too often, I indulge in indiscriminate dining — eating for the sake of eating. I’m glad I listened to that voice that day.

On a recent trip to Paris, my wife and I found ourselves tested constantly. Thankfully, excellent french baking, like the one pictured above, ensured that when we did go off our eating plan, we enjoyed it immensely.

Being judicious about how you allocate your calories can help you navigate the waters of today’s many food choices while still maximizing your joie de vivre!

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