Author: Darrell Cheung

Are you in hibernation mode?

20:00 09 January in News

Answer these questions for yourself:   Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the dark morning hours? Do you Find yourself getting short tempered with friends or relatives for no obvious reason? Do your shoulders ache from being hunched up while walking out in the...

Stretching your way to health

19:44 09 January in News

While having strength and endurance are important, flexibility is just as important component to optimal physical health. Lack of flexibility is a main culprit for many aches and pains. In the aging population tight muscles and joints make daily tasks difficult, even those as simple as...

What are the holiday hours at Satori?

10:43 17 December in News

Our holiday schedule is as follows: Wednesday, December 24: Closed Thursday, December 25: Closed Friday, December 26: 12-5 PM (massage only) Saturday, December 27: 9-6:30 PM (massage only) Sunday, December 28: 11-5 PM (massage, osteopathy, acupuncture) Monday, December 29: 9-6 PM (massage & chiropractic) Tuesday, December 30: 10-7 PM (massage & chiropractic) Wednesday,...

Are you getting enough sleep?

11:32 02 December in News

Only in recent years has the real value of a good night’s sleep been recognized. While healthcare researchers and practitioners have long emphasized a good diet and plenty of exercise, they have promoted good sleeping patterns less often. For many people, waking up once or...