Author: Darrell Cheung

E-gift cards available on-line

05:47 24 December in News

Are you still hunting for that last minute gift? Don't want to brave the warm weather we are having? To offer you additional convenience, Satori is now offering e-gift cards this holiday season. To purchase an e-gift card for denominations as little as $25, please click...

New Service at Satori: Reflexology

23:52 12 November in News

We are pleased to announce that reflexology will now be offered at Satori Health & Wellness. Our Registered Massage Therapist, Marianne Premuzic, has earned her certification in reflexology. Because she is an RMT, her services are covered by most insurance companies. In case you are wondering…reflexology isn't...

Feeling anxious about upcoming surgery?

14:46 21 July in News

Very few people who are facing the prospect of surgery or other medical procedures can honestly say they do not suffer from anxiety such as: Inability to concentrate Loss of appetite Interrupted sleep Forgetfulness Raised blood pressure and heart flutters. Anxiety tends to produce less than optimal physical state for you...

3 Ways to Manage Public Speaking Stress

12:00 17 March in News

Last month, Dr. Natasha Vani shared the secrets to understanding, recognizing, and managing stress. But for most Canadians, aside from doing taxes, what is typically one of our most stressful activities?  Public speaking. What is our biggest fear -- even more than death itself Psychologists believe that there’s...

Understanding Stress

09:58 04 February in News

When our ancestors experienced a stressful situation (i.e. being chased by a bear), their bodies responded in two ways: An increase in various hormones and neurotransmitters: The job of these natural chemicals was to physically prepare them for the movement associated with a fight or...