Author: Darrell Cheung

Holiday hours

22:34 24 December in Uncategorised

Below are the hours for Satori Health & Wellness during this holiday period: December 25: CLOSED December 26: CLOSED December 27th: 11-7 PM (Some acupuncture and naturopathy still available) December 28th: 10-6 PM (Some massage; acupuncture and naturopathy still available) December 29th: 10-6 PM December 30th: 9-6 PM (Some massage; acupuncture and...

Are you feeling Stressed?

19:35 16 November in News

When our ancestors experienced a stressful situation, their bodies responded by increasing various hormones and neurotransmitters. The job of these natural chemicals was to physically prepare them for the movement associated with a fight or flight response; literally, to run away or to attack. The...

Top 10 Facts about Acupuncture

15:21 26 July in News

1.Acupuncture doesn’t hurt Yes, acupuncture involves the insertion of needles in the body, but generally the experience involves a light pinch or pressure. Most people fall asleep during treatment or end up in a meditative state. 2.The needles are really thin  The thickness (thinness?) of acupuncture...

10 Things to Know about reflexology 

16:15 02 January in News

Satori Health and Wellness recently started offering Reflexology treatments with one of our RMT’s, Marianne Premuzic.   Here are some tips when you are deciding on having Reflexology:   1. Look for an RMT: Did you know that reflexology performed by an RMT can be claimed under insurance as massage...