Are you in hibernation mode?

Are you in hibernation mode?

20:00 09 January in News
Answer these questions for yourself:


  • Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the dark morning hours?
  • Do you Find yourself getting short tempered with friends or relatives for no obvious reason?
  • Do your shoulders ache from being hunched up while walking out in the cold ?
  • Did you just realize that you’ve given yourself a headache by frowning for hours?
  • Are you eating comfort food that you wouldn’t even think of eating at any other time of year?
  • Have you been increasing your slouching around time?
This time of year our bodies AND minds go through significant physical and emotional changes which are usually comparatively short lived. Even the few who embrace winter will encounter many of the symptoms of winter blahs.
While no doubt that physical activity is of great importance in reducing the effects of cold dark days, you don’t have to hurl yourself down an icy slope with two bent sticks strapped to your feet. For those who’s idea of winter sports is more in line with a trip to the local sports bar to watch a hockey game, all is not lost.


Recent studies of general health and fitness have concluded that any sort of movement at very frequent intervals can be a great asset, particularly this time of year. And by frequent intervals the researchers have found that five minutes of moderate activity, like walking, every hour, can have a positive effect on reducing stress. And when you are seated – DON’T SLOUCH.


Yet more studies of the manner in which people sit – usually for long periods of time – has revealed some interesting findings. People who maintain  a good posture tend to have :
  • Have higher self esteem
  • Be in better moods
  • Have a lower sense of fear
  • Have more vitality.
People who slouch tend to:
  • Use more negative emotional words
  • Display greater signs of sadness
  • Use fewer positive emotion words in conversation.
So – don’t slouch!


Once individuals adopted a better posture and performed five minutes of activity every hour , they were more inclined to increase the amount of physical activity.
Try this the next time you are outdoors on a sunny day: Stop and stare at the blue sky for two minutes (do not look anywhere near the sun). The frequency of the blue light is perfect for absorption onto the retina which which produces a wonderful cascade of chemical reactions which ultimately help to produce calm and balance in your mind and body.


Sometimes negative winter effects can become too much of a burden on an already overstressed mind. In this case more work is needed  to return the mind and body back to a good balance and comfort. Old habits have to be addressed and discarded and replaced with positive  life affirming thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself in this type of situation I am only to happy to talk to you about the hypnosis techniques that you can use for you to achieve your own personal harmony.
Best of health,
Raymond Elias, Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
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