An interview with Chiropractor Dr. Michael Berenstein

An interview with Chiropractor Dr. Michael Berenstein

15:19 12 September in News

By Marianne Premuzic, RMT


One of the things that is really great about Satori is that we’re a full-service multi-disciplinary clinic with a wide array of excellent clinicians ready to help with all your health and wellness concerns.

As a massage therapist at Satori, one of my jobs is to know when to refer my clients to other clinicians. I sat down recently with our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Berenstein, and asked him specifically about when and why I should be referring clients for chiropractic treatments.


MP: Can you name some conditions where chiropractic has been particularly effective?

Dr. B: Low back pain and neck pain really benefit from chiropractic. If you are only treating the muscles through massage, the pain may not go away because there is an underlying joint misalignment issue causing the pain. You can address the underlying issue – misalignment or lack of mobility in the spinal joints — through chiropractic and get better faster and save money. Everybody needs their joints moving well throughout the spine.


MP: You offer laser therapy. Can you tell me a little bit about how laser therapy works?

Dr. B: Laser therapy stimulates repair of the fibres. It decreases the amount of scar tissue that is formed after an injury and that’s a good thing because scar tissue causes a decrease in range of motion. With laser therapy, an acute injury will heal faster and cleaner since there will be less scar tissue.


MP: What do I say to my clients when they tell me that they are afraid to go see a chiropractor?

Dr. B: Tell them that new research has completely eliminated the need for any fear of chiropractic. The original fear was that you could get a stroke if you got your neck cracked. Research has shown that there is a very rare type of stroke that has a long prodromal period – a slow onset – and has symptoms like stiffness, dizziness and head aches. These are symptoms that might lead someone to go to a chiropractor. But chiropractic adjustments of the neck do not cause strokes.


MP: There are many different types of chiropractors and that has a lot of people confused. What type of chiropractor are you?

Dr.B: In theory, all chiropractors are the same. Realistically, this is not the case. Some chiropractors spend only a moment with each patient to adjust their locked spinal joints. Others will spend most of their time using muscle release techniques, while others still rely solely on modalities like Ultrasound, Interferrential Current, etc. My focus tends to be on maintaining joint mobility and alignment, or balance. Having said that, I pride myself in budgeting enough time with every patient so that I can apply the techniques best suited for the presenting complaint. Every patient is unique, and thus so should the treatment. One patient might just need a hands-on adjustment, while another might require a combination of laser therapy, adjustments, soft tissue release, kinesiotape to support the body, and prescription of exercise and nutrition.


MP: What else would you like me to know about chiropractic?

Dr. B: I’d like people to know that chiropractors are one of the regulated health professions in Ontario that are legislated to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries. Your first line of defence is to get a diagnosis.

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