10 Things to Know about reflexology 

10 Things to Know about reflexology 

16:15 02 January in News
Satori Health and Wellness recently started offering Reflexology treatments with one of our RMT’s, Marianne Premuzic.


Here are some tips when you are deciding on having Reflexology:

1. Look for an RMT: Did you know that reflexology performed by an RMT can be claimed under insurance as massage therapy?


2. More than just feet: Your reflexologist can be taking care of your calves, arms and hands as time permits…


3. A reflexology massage is pain free.


4. And tends to induce deep relaxation.


5. The feet contain hundreds of thousands of nerves that make your soles very sensitive to touch. According to Daniel Howell, Phd, and author of barefoot prof.blogspot.


6.  Reflexology is completely safe and has no side effects.


7. Although not a cure-all, reflexology has many benefits. It can relieve stress, promote sleep, reduce foot pain, soothe tired feet and promote general well-being. Reflexology is a great way to pamper yourself!


8. Reflexology is a wholistic approach to wellbeing that benefits the body, mind and spirit


9. It is a healing art that has been practiced for thousands of years with traditional roots in China, Thailand, Egypt and India.


10. Maps showing the various regions of the feet have been said to correspond with other parts of the body. Today we take these mappings with a grain of salt, while still enjoying all the benefits of reflexology as a form of healing massage.

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