Nikolaj Scerbakov


Nikolaj Scerbakov

Registered Massage Therapist

Office Hours


Thursday: 1pm-9pm



Nik is a RMT with more than 13 years of professional practice in Toronto. He has extensive knowledge in Kinesiotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, classical Chinese, Japanese and Korean microneedle acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as Zen Shiatsu and Yoga Therapy. Nik has worked in various settings in Toronto, including sports and wellness clinics, as well as at his own sports massage therapy clinic, Hot Stone RMT.


Speciality Interests


Nik has multi-year practical experience in performing Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue, pregnancy massage, and specializes in Cranial Neuromuscular pattern assessment and the following treatments:


-Hot Stone Relaxation Massage: relaxation massage with the application of hot basalt stones

-Hot Stone Sports massage (deep tissue): for sports injuries such as low back strain, tennis/golf elbow, etc.

-Neuromuscular massage (gentle and soft): for concussion, whiplash, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, PTSD, etc.

-Aromatherapy massage: for alleviating stress, anxiety, emotional disturbances.

-Zen Shiatsu massage and reflexology (over the clothing on the table): for improving wellbeing, treating injuries, imbalances in visceral organs, and relaxation. Uses acupressure techniques, movements, stretches, moxa, gold and silver pellets, energy meridians balancing, and employs traditional Chinese and Japanese energy concepts without the application of acupuncture. *In a regular massage therapy session, the treatment might include different assessment tests and modalities oriented to treat actual unique individual health condition of the patient.




-Massage Therapy – Diploma with Honours, Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences (Toronto, Ontario)

-Acupuncture – Diploma, Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy (Toronto, Ontario)

-Kinesiotherapy – Diploma, Applied Kinesiology – Vilnius University, (Lithuania)

-Japanese Massage -Zen Shiatsu Diploma

-Su-Jok Acupuncture- Certificate, International Association of Su-Jok Acupuncture

-Yoga and Yoga Therapy- Diplomas and Certificates- Yoga for Health Foundation (England), British School of Yoga (England), Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation (Sweden), Kalari Marma Gurukulam (India).


Professional Memberships


-College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (2005-2019)

-Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario (2005-2019)

-Certified RHEP (Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner) – Ontario Fitness Council (2019)

-Certified Yoga Therapist and a Professional member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (2004-2019)




Yoga, nature, camping, traditional music.