Zen Shiatsu

What is Zen Shiatsu?

Zen Shiatsu Massage is used to re-balance the energy and eliminate the root cause of physical pain and imbalance, bringing psycho-emotional stability and inner calmness. Zen Shiatsu massage is more dynamic and active than Shiatsu massage. It is a great alternative to Acupuncture, Osteopathic or Chiropractic treatment. Its efficiency for health is based on traditional Eastern knowledge of natural energy flow in the body, nature and Universe.


Our Zen Shiatsu Massage treatment is performed on a massage table over clothing, although this method was traditionally performed on a grass floor mat.


The main goal is to harmonize energy flow in the body, knowing that a health problem or disease is an energy imbalance. To loosen the body and allow natural energy flow, different positions of stretching, gentle rocking, acupressure, tapping, shaking, and compression are applied to areas and energy centres needing balancing and healing using hands, wooden sticks, hot stones, and the therapist’s bodyweight. Energy meridians and acupressure points – “tsubo” points – are used to eliminate energy stagnation and harmonize the client’s energy on a subtle level. ​​​​​


This style of massage also includes techniques of foot/hand/ear reflexology with acupressure using fingers, application of gold and silver pellets seeds, micro-magnets, and light or moxa to re-balance the energy of organs or tissues to heal naturally. The pressure and techniques are always adjusted per the client’s preferences.


Zen Shiatsu treatment  feels like massage and acupuncture treatment combined, although acupuncture needles are not used.

Benefits of Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu can help to safely re-balance the energy of clients with any musculoskeletal, psycho-emotional or neurological disorders. It can also help to decrease pain, improve sleep and mood, improve flexibility and function of the joints, and support general health.


A Zen Shiatsu session is highly appreciated by athletes as well as clients of all ages. Please discuss your condition with a therapist before the treatment.


  • Wear loose clothing covering the arms and legs. The massage is performed over the clothing.


Caution: If you have cancer, diabetes, progressive varicose veins, high blood pressure without the control of medications, or are in the last month of pregnancy, please discuss this with your massage therapist to come up with the best massage strategy.


Contraindications: Intoxication; condition of acute fever, flu or other viral and bacterial infections.

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Our Zen Shiatsu Therapist

Nikolaj Scerbakov

Our Rates


Zen Shiatsu

45 Minute session – $98

60 Minute session – $120

75 Minute session – $146

90 Minute session – $ 168