What is a WSIB claim?

To provide compensation for a workplace injury or illness, the WSIB accepts claims made by workers, employers, unions, and certain health-care providers. WSIB is a provincial government body that operates on a “no fault” basis, and claims can be made online or over the phone within six months of an injury. You will be assigned an adjudicator by WSIB, whom you will be able to contact for any questions about your claim and to navigate the payment process.


What will happen at my first appointment?

Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Berenstein, will see you for an assessment of your specific issue, including your occupational context, and will prepare a treatment plan according to your needs and goals for recovery. This appointment will last one hour, and will likely be followed by a series of follow-up treatment sessions. For more information on Dr. Berenstein’s services and experience, please see his profile.


How does payment work?

WSIB usually pays the health-care provider directly, which means that you will not need to pay Satori for treatment once your claim has been approved.


For more information on WSIB, please see this website.