Motor Vehicle Accidents

What is an MVA claim?

MVA claims should be made following any injury caused by a motor-vehicle accident (for drivers, passengers, or pedestrians involved in the incident). Treatment at Satori falls under the medical and rehabilitation services of your “Accident Benefits” insurance claim. The insurance company will determine the monetary limits of your accident benefits based on the severity of your injury, which we can help to determine at the clinic.


Who should I see at Satori to start a treatment plan?

Your first appointment must be with Dr. Michael Berenstein, our chiropractor at Satori. He will conduct an initial assessment and create a treatment plan for you during your first one-hour appointment. He will then contact and bill the insurance company directly, and we will set up appointments for various therapies to help you recover, which may include chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, or other modalities according to your needs.


How does payment work once I am approved?

Once your treatment plan is approved, you will not need to pay at each appointment; we will handle direct billing through your MVA coverage.