Satori Health & Wellness provides hypnotherapy in downtown Toronto. Learn more about what hypnosis can do for you, below.

Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work or outside sitting on a park bench and you have started to daydream? Have you ever read a good book and realize you cannot remember what was written in the previous four or five pages because you were distracted by an unrelated thought? Then you have experienced hypnosis – at a very light level.


With the aid of a hypnotherapist, deeper levels of hypnosis can achieved. It is at these levels that the subconscious is able to absorb positive suggestions which become the basis of change for the better throughout your life. By replacing unwanted conditioning with positive suggestions, a vast array of conditions can be improved or even eliminated.


People experiencing hypnosis report a great sense of relaxation on coming out of hypnosis. Some people say it feels like waking up after a good night’s sleep – even though they have only been in a relaxed state for less than an hour.


If you want to make a change in your life, hypnotherapy may be the answer you have been looking for. Hypnotherapy can help in many areas, including those listed below.

Raymond Elias | Hypnotherapist

Raymond Elias


  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Stress – in all its many and varied forms
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Stage Fright and Fear of Speaking in Public
  • Increased Confidence and Motivation
  • Managing Anger
  • Improving Your Memory
  • Hurt and Sadness
  • Change: Career, Lifestyle, Relationship etc.
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Releasing Anxiety
  • Stop Smoking
  • All Types of Habit and Behaviour Change
  • Weight Loss & Control
  • Learning to Relax
  • Allergy/Hay Fever Relief
  • Controlling Food Cravings
  • Improving Your Sleep
  • Improving Exercise Habits