Functional Range Conditioning

Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC, is an exercise system that takes advantage of scientifically proven methods to improve the body’s overall mobility.


FRC uses the term mobility, rather than strength or flexibility, because true mobility requires both strength and flexibility to control the body’s useable motion. Flexibility, and flexibility training, alone don’t produce improve health. Similarly, brute strength without an active, controlled range of motion (ROM) does not have tremendous health benefits either.


For health benefits, we want an increased ROM with control. This will lead to better body motion, enhanced rehabilitation, and increased liklihood to avoid injury.


Dr. Berenstein and Brendan Cheung are Satori’s Functional Range Conditioning specialists offering services in downtown Toronto. They incorporate FRC into their patient’s active rehabiliation plan. You can read more about FRC at

Michael Berenstein | Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Berenstein


Brendan Cheung | Acupuncturist

Brendan Cheung